Comments from Mike MacDonald about "June 17, 1967 - Battle of Xom Bo II"

It is an excellent account of fighting and dying in Vietnam complete with enough background information of individual soldiers to more than sustain a reader’s interest. Even though a combat infantryman and former RTO myself, your vivid descriptions created pictures easily viewed by even the most the inexperienced reader. 

You accurately captured living conditions of the Vietnam soldier, from boredom to sheer terror, all within a twelve hour period. No one can adequately explain the intensity of battle but you came as close as anything I've read.

Your book does a great service to the men who fought the families who lost loved ones, the men who died and soldiers everywhere. I dare say, it was obvious to me that you were there!

Thank you for a fine contribution to the exhaustive history of the 28th Infantry Regiment.

Black Lions Sir!

Mike MacDonald
28th Infantry Regiment Assn.

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