Other Books about Xom Bo II

Greg Murry recounts his unit's involvement in the battle of Xom Bo II in Chapters 16 & 17. He also includes some very interesting pictures of the battle. A great book!
George L. Macgarrigle book, "United States Army in Vietnam Combat Operations: Taking the Offensive, October 1966 To October 1967," gives a very detailed overview of the battle of Xom Bo II. in chapter 21. The chapter is called, "The Ordeal of the 1st Infantry Division;" in it, Macgarrigle talks about the size of the enemy unit and the surprising knowledge the Vietcong had about our American forces. Really worth reading
I always had a great respect for the combat medic. In this book, Craig Roberts writes about two of the medics that were saving lives during the battle of Xom Bo II. There are chapters about James Callahan and Michael Stout who both faced a daunting task on June 17, 1967.
Henri Huet was a French war photographer who covered the Battle of Xom Bo II for AP news. His pictures of the battle became iconic images of what war really is. We were lucky to have him there at LZ X-Ray to record some of the action and the aftermath of battle.


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