Mailing & Stamps in 1967

One of the benefits offered to all soldiers in Vietnam was the ability to mail letters back home for free.

All you had to do was write "Free" on the top right of the envelope and Uncle Sam did the rest. The letters coming back to us bore stamps similar to the few displayed below.

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1967 Music

In 1967 President Johnson had increased the forces in Vietnam to nearly half a million and the war was raging. The number of soldiers killed that year was 11,363 which was about twice the number killed in the previous year, 1966 - a total of 6,350. The year 1968, the year of the Tet Offensive, we suffered 16,899 killed. In the sense of casualties, it was the pinnacle of the war.

Another item of interest for 1967 was the fact that the Vietcong were attacking us with large units. The battle of Xom Bo II and the battle of Ong Thanh were examples of them selecting to fight us. There were many more, but these two affected my unit the 2/28th - The Black Lions.  

While we were humping the jungles of Vietnam, a lot was happening back in the states and I am going to try to introduce you to what you might have missed.   I am going to show what were the big tunes of the times, what were movies showing then, what were the top books, what did the 1967 postal stamps look like, and more. 

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Lai Khe

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