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The Christmas Special (paperback)

A love story and a fictional account of a major terrorist attack on Christmas morning.

This is the official website of David Hearne, U.S. author of fiction, nonfiction, critical commentary and journalism.
David Hearne has been honored by his peers and his work has won 5 Press Club of Southeast Texas Excellence in Media Awards.

Blood Stained Tales of Sin and Sex (paperback)

Three short stories of unimaginable horror and revenge


"Bloodstained Tales of Sin and Sex" is a trio of short stories written by David Hearne that present a cast of evil yet interesting villains. Some are loathing underdogs that are unsympathetic characters that will anger you with their evil and sadistic actions. And some protagonist will have you cheering for their success in their quest to kill. Some of the stories are incredibly suspenseful and full of horror that comes not from imaginary evil entities, but from insane acts of human cruelty; much scarier than the boogie men under the bed. Scenes from Bloodstained tales of Sin and Sex will shock, disgust, yet grossly satisfy your thirst for decadent horror stories. Each story is fast paced with action and suspense.

The Secret Sinners Society:

Revenge is coming to a beautiful female cop in Beaumont Texas who desires to kill her mother's murderer. She and some other good folks of Beaumont are going to make it happen. Someone is going to die slowly and their screams won't help. How diabolical can her revenge be when she comes face to face with the murderer of her mother? Very!

One Eighty Seven:

When good luck suddenly swings in Raymond Billing's direction after years of no luck, he is elated. He has a job, good looks and lots of ladies, but what will he do if his nightmare life returns?

The Strangler Fig:

Does the mighty Banyan tree have the ability to recognize good from evil? That question is answered in this strange tale of redemption of a black family after they survive the oppression and brutality of post-Reconstruction America only to lose their house, land and more to the local KKK. Decades later redemption is finally on the table with the help of a Banyan tree and a Santeria Priestess.

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The spellbinding novel weaves together current events with fiction creating a sobering reality of an event whose actual occurrence is certainly probable.

A 16-year-old Muslim girl named Sheeva, who falls in love with a 19-year-old agnostic American boy, becomes a primary figure in the tumultuous story. Her father, Ali Hasson, is an Afghanistan doctor given political asylum in America because of the assistance he provided US forces during the onset of the war.

A dark side of Sheeva's father, however, is his habitual beating of her because of her westernized behavior and relationship with an unbeliever. Sheeva finally runs away from home and his beatings. During her escape she inadvertently discovers her father is the architect of a major terrorist attack scheduled to occur on Christmas morning. When she and her boyfriend Jason try to alert officials of the plot, they are met with the fact that if they admit their relationship, Jason would face being arrested for harboring Sheeva, a runaway, statutory rape, lascivious conduct with a minor and numerous other charges. Conviction of these charges, would label Jason as a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.

The Romeo and Juliet couple are faced with the moral dilemma of saving thousands of lives but having their lives destroyed by the legal quagmire; or stay quiet about her father's terrorist ambitions and avoid Jason facing charges over their affair, but knowing their silence helped bring on the death of many.

What would you do faced with this young couple's unenviable dilemma? Would you stay silent or risk prison and save Christmas and the world as we know it?

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The bullet riddled campaign bus of senator Katherine Laforge is found on a lonely snow swept road near Charlestown New Hampshire. Who are the assassins behind this deadly attack of a presidential candidate? Who wants her dead? Has her unorthodox quest for peace between Iraq and the USA incensed her foreign policy adversaries to the point of killing her? Could the perpetrators of this attack be any of the thousands of accountants, Lawyers or IRS agents who fear and loathe Katherine's campaign pledge to replace Income tax with a simple national sales tax? Is her support and policies for the United States to end its reliance on foreign oil, incendiary enough for the billionaire oil cartel to silence her? Is she a victim of an Islamic militant's reprisal for her outspoken view on their Jihad? Or is this attack simply because Senator Katherine Laforge is now a clear and present danger to the age-old bastion of men at the helm of the United States?

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The Christmas Special receives award at the British Library
The Christmas Special is a winner at the New England Book Fest
The Christmas Special collects an award at the Florida Book Festival
The Christmas Special wins at the Mid West Book Fest
David Hearne collects award in Hollywood for his novel The Christmas Special